April 9, 2012

Insanity Workout Review

Having completed the 60 day Insanity workout, people often ask for my opinion on whether or not it is worth it. I figured I would give my review of the workout here as a reference for anyone wanting a personal opinion.


**Please note this review is entirely my own opinion. This is not professional nor endorsed advice**
I suggest you first visit the official website to view everything that the product entails.

Overall Rating- Highly Recommended

Let me start by saying this workout is INTENSE! Don't be fooled by what may seem like simple and easy moves. The workouts are tough, but Shaun T is a great motivator. Good form to prevent injury is key so he encourages you to take a break when necessary even if time isn't up yet. This makes the first week a little less intimidating when you're learning the moves and getting used to the endurance level needed.


The 60 days is very structured. The program is set up so that you are doing the designated workouts 6 days a week ~45-60 min each day. In order to see the best results it's best to make sure you're committed and set aside time each day to stay on track.

My Results
Generally one set workout plan does not give everybody the same results. When I chose to do Insanity, weight loss was not my goal. I did not weigh myself before or after I completed the program, so I can't entirely give an opinion as to whether or not this would be best for weight loss. I did, however, become much stronger and notice a slimmer waistline. My back, arms, shoulders, butt, abs, and legs were very toned. I was definitely pleased with my results!

What I really liked:

  • You never do the same workout two days in a row
  • Noticeable results 
  • Moves For Life--what I mean by this is I learned a lot of moves that I still incorporate into my everyday workouts
  • You stay motivated throughout the entire workout--great people to follow
  • Very FUN! It was tough, pushed me to my limits, and I love every second of it! 
  • **Corey added** He became more flexible

What I didn't like:
There honestly isn't much that I did not enjoy about Insanity. There were times when I wasn't exactly looking forward to the workout, or certain workouts I didn't like as much as others, but it was always worth it to get up and do it!
  • The biggest reservation people have is the cost. Directly from Beachbody.com the whole program is about $120 +shipping and handling. It sounds steep, but coming from someone who can be quite the penny pincher, it was totally worth buying!
  • Time is another issue for some. The best results come from sticking to the schedule and putting forth 110% each day.

Some Suggestions

  • If you can, do this with a friend. It is much easier to commit yourself to the entire program if you have a buddy to help hold you accountable. Corey and I did the program together and I know had we not, I wouldn't have finished it.
  • Set aside the same hour each day to make sure you get your workout in. A routine will definitely help keep you on track to be successful.
  • Use the nutrition guide--I did not follow the meal plan that comes with the program, but diet definitely contributes to your overall results-as it does with any exercise plan!

I hope this is helpful if you are looking into purchasing this program. I absolutely loved Insanity! Writing about it makes me want to start another 60 day round and work it out even harder!

I'll leave you with my first introduction to Insanity. Shaun T visited my hometown YMCA and I had the opportunity to participate in a master class he held. It was awesome and after that I was hooked! ☺

More questions about my experience? Feel free to ask! 

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