March 13, 2012

Spring Break Workout

One of the best things about Spring Break is being able to workout earlier. Lately I have been loving my treadmill workouts (typically I hate running on the treadmill). I've been doing some High Intensity Interval Training. I've read about a lot of benefits to changing up a running routine as well as going hard and fast for shorter periods of time.

Today on the treadmill I alternated 7.5 and 4.5 every minute, for 20 minutes. Such a great feeling, and keeps me from getting bored on the treadmill!

After the interval training I did my strength training routine.  I use free weights mostly or no weights at all. I cut that short though because it was about 3 PM and I hadn't eaten much so I just wasn't feeling it.

Speaking of strength training, check out this article before you hit the gym next time! Some machines may not be doing all that you think they're doing.  I can say that I fall guilty to using the leg press machine, but definitely feel like I'm getting a better workout when doing squats!

I like doing these squats the best!

Do you like running on the treadmill? What is your favorite go to routine?


  1. Most of my spring break has consisted of mom's home cooking! I have managed to get out and run a couple days, but I am in need of a kick in the butt when we get home. Almost beach season!

  2. you gotta try squat jumps, or squat jumps and when you're in the air, bring your knees to your chest! those are killer. also i'm not a big fan of the treadmill, but what my brother-in-law's trainer is having him do is wheel-barrow (running on his hands while the trainer holds his feet) on the treadmill with the incline all the way up. I don't know if you have someone who can hold your feet for you, but i hear it's crazy intense for your shoulders.



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