March 20, 2012

SELF Magazine Drop 10

While I was living up a rough life at the beach, I got really excited about this month's issue of SELF magazine!


**Side Note: I highly recommend a subscription to this and Women's Health Magazine. Both are informative and great reads!**

Here's what got me so excited!

SELF magazine's Drop 10 Program:
  1. It featured the Tone It Up girls as their trainers--I've heard nothing but great things about these girls' program and the way they promote a healthy and fit lifestyle!
  2. An amazing section full of workouts and meal plans that used HIIT as the focus
I'm telling you guys HIIT is where it's at, especially if you're looking to lose weight, tone, or keep a routine from becoming monotonous.

Here are a few moves I really liked from the program which I will definitely be using myself! 

SELF Magazine

SELF Magazine

SELF Magazine
SELF Magazine

SELF Magazine

The Super Plank (#8) is my favorite! I learned this move when I completed the Insanity program. I love it because it works a lot of muscles at once, and it makes me feel really strong when I get a good number of reps in. I can see my bikini bod looking better already! ☺

Be sure to check out this issue of SELF magazine! If I haven't convinced you already, the small article about cover girl Carrie Underwood was great too.  

Which of these moves would you want to try adding to your workout?

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