March 26, 2012

More Burpees Please!

To start, I think burpee is the most ridiculous name for an exercise. There's just something funny about it to me! ☺ The name may sound silly, but this move is no joke! I decided to add them into my free weights circuit after my cardio last night, and I'm lovin' it!

 In case you're unfamiliar, the move looks like this:

        1. start standing up straight
        2. crouch down 
        3. jump back into a high plank
        4. bring feet back in and jump up with arms raised
For those of you who already love burpees or want to amp up the move, try these variations! I can't wait to do these tomorrow! 

Burpee Medicine Ball Throw

Burpee Push-up
After jumping back into high plank, instead of a regular push-up, go into a jack push up like this:

When going down into your pushup spread your legs out (like you're doing a jumping jack) 
Jack pushups are killer, but awesome!

Have fun burpee-ing at the gym! ☺


  1. I love how you have all these great fitness posts mixed in with yummy pics of deserts. I'm not sure if I want to work out now, or mix up a batch of cupcakes!



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