March 18, 2012

BodyPump Workout

I recently started following the blog of a personal trainer and she talked about a class she took called, BodyPump. It sounded interesting and like it might be a perfect program for toning.

I had never heard of it before, but funny how once you learn about something you see and hear everything about it, everywhere. Not too long after reading her blog I came across a sign at my YMCA that said, "BodyPump Coming Soon!" They had 6 or so trial classes and I immediately became super pumped (haha--get it? ☺) to try it out!

I planned all week to go to the early Saturday morning class and unfortunately when I got there, the class was already full! I was super disappointed because I've been looking forward to trying the class. 

Lesson Learned- arriving 5 minutes early for group exercise 
(even on an early saturday morning) is not enough.

They have a small group exercise space so I should've been smarter about my timing--my own fault--but nevertheless, I was still disappointed. There are two classes left in this trial period and I'm hoping to make it to one. I'll be sure to give my review afterward! 

In the meantime, my cardio workouts have looked something like this:

**I am not an expert or trainer of any kind; this is simply a log of an interval workout
 I have adapted for myself**

Have you tried a BodyPump class before or any of the other Les Mills programs?

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