March 14, 2012

Best Snack Ever

Frozen Grapes

I can't get enough of these! I love frozen grapes because they are a healthy snack choice and de-licious! They make me think of mini bite sized servings of Italian ice--red seedless grape flavor of course. ☺

Something I like to do with fresh produce (that I learned from my momma!) is to "prepare" it right away after buying.  I'm more likely to choose fruit or veggies to snack on if they're cut up, washed, and ready to eat. It's a great time saver and makes things like packing lunches for school quick and easy-- (have to get every minute of sleep I can with that 5:30 am alarm).

Other delicious, healthier snacks I enjoy:
  • frozen banana (blended--it's like ice cream!)
  • celery & hummus
  • small serving of pretzels w/non-fat cream cheese
  • goldfish
  • vanilla yogurt w/frozen berries
  • beef jerky
  • 100 calorie bags of popcorn (the mini bags are so cute!)
  • dried apricots (seriously, they're like candy)
  • graham crackers w/peanut butter or nutella
Okay, that last one might be debatable--but no doubt, it is delicious!

What's your favorite snack?

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