March 17, 2012

Almost Over...

That's right, Spring Break is almost over ☹ Remember when I said, "look for a teaching post this week cause I'll be working and planning ahead" --yeah...that has yet to happen...

I've been enjoying this time off from school so much that I've put school, let's say, "out of sight, out of mind".

BUT, the key word here is almost and I fully intend to enjoy my spring break down to the last minute. Because I'm on vacation (and there's nothing like a little retail therapy to keep your mind from thinking about going back to work) I did some shopping!

Now you may or may not know, but I usually don't buy anything unless I'm getting a good deal because I'm cheap such a good bargain hunter. Lessons I've learned about shopping are to at least try and go for the good deals. If there's the occasional item I just can't live without and it's worth the splurge to me, then I can make an exception.

That being said, here are the good deals I got today!

Old Navy: Buy one, get one t's and tanks so I bought 2 of each; 2 shirts and a scarf--all on clearance 

American Eagle: I needed sunglasses (cause I broke my second other pair from here) and it turns out all accessories were buy one, get one ½ off--so of course I had to buy a pair of earrings for half the price.

Target: 2 new sports bras (they always have the best colors!); coral necklace (perfect for spring!) 
okay, the target purchases weren't on sale--but totally necessary! 

Couldn't go shopping without getting a little treat!

After shopping, Corey and I went to the beach...but I'll post about that later because we're going again later today!

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