April 27, 2015

Weekend Camping Trip

Last weekend I went camping--outside, sleep in a tent camping--for the first time in my life. I like to think of myself as a good mix of an indoor & outdoor person. Rugged mountain trail living is not for me but the occasional sleep under the stars and rumpus through the woods I am not opposed to.

The beau's family has an old cabin in the woods so we set up shop for a couple of days to enjoy nature's beauty even in its most hidden of places.

Mushroom hunting was the name of the game (a family tradition) I found my first and only one just after we first arrived and was quite proud.

The best part of the whole thing was just taking time to enjoy the company--human, hairy, & the occasional scaly creature.

If you've made it through that bundle of photos and are interested here are some of my favorite weekend camping essentials.

There are other obvious essentials not listed but these were some items that made my trip more comfortable.

1//Camera 2//Day and night hydration lock Chap Stick 3//Gizeh Birkenstocks 4//ClifKid Zbars  5//Simple cleansing wipes 6//Hand sanitizer 7//Monoprice external battery 8//Warm socks (good for rubber boots) 9//Hunter boots 10//apples & oranges 11//Old Navy fleece lined vest 12//Coleman flannel sleeping bag

April 14, 2015

Playing Catch Up

That's pretty much how my corner of the internet goes these days...playing catch up. The reality is that I'm playing catch up in real life too. You know, trying staying afloat--keep my head above water--that kind of thing.

Yesterday I wrapped up another just. plain. awful. task for my state's teacher assessment which will give me time to finally stop and smell the...daisies...

But seriously, fresh cut flowers are the key to happiness!

Anyway, this weekend I am escaping to the great outdoors and I couldn't be more excited. I need a good getaway and hey, maybe I'll take some really swell photos for you. Plus I've never been camping--like sleep in a tent camping--so I'm pretty excited. I hope you're having a great week and remember to stop and smell the daisies!

March 9, 2015

Hip Hop and Macarons

This weekend was the perfect mix of busy and relaxing which is definitely my speed. I could never be one of those always on the go people.

Friday night I went over to my parents' house for some relaxed family time and comfort food. My mom made a homemade broccoli & cheese soup and sent me home with leftovers which I devoured savored all weekend long.

Saturday morning I got up as early as I could manage to pull myself from between my warm blankets and headed to Columbus.

I surprised one of my favorite littles at his dance competition where he killed his performance! I caught him warming up for one of his numbers with his duo partner.

It was so awesome watching him dance and seeing such a young person showcase his talent.

After his dance I met up with my friend Natalie in German Village. We had intended to go to North Market but the Arnold Sports Festival was also taking place downtown and parking was non-existent. I blame Hulk Hogan...

We grabbed a bite at Katzinger's Deli, but the party really took place afterward with some coffee and delicious treats from Pistacia Vera.

We had a tasting of macarons featuring pistachio (duh), buckeye, and mocha hazelnut. They were all so good. That almond croissant though--that stole the show...

So much so that I think you need to see it again...closer. This soft and flaky sweet treat was easily just as good as the croissants I have had in Paris.

While still sipping my coffee we walked over to a book shop called The Book Loft which is just heaven on earth if you ask me.

I didn't buy anything but the books really are a steal so I'll obviously need to visit again.

Weekends like this one make my heart happy. And with warmer temps in the forecast I think a pretty good work week is in store too!


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