July 26, 2015

Weekend Highlights

I was honored to attend the much anticipated wedding of two very deserving people. My roommate Natalie and I met Adam in college as we continually ran into each other walking across the field that separated our quad from civilization campus. We were all in marching band together and became fast friends.

Eventually we met the high school girlfriend that he undoubtedly was madly in love with. The two of them despite going to different colleges had the kind of love that lasts forever--that was easy to tell after spending just 5 minutes with the couple. After 10 years in the making their unbreakable bond has been celebrated through marriage and I couldn't be happier for the pair!

 They threw a great party and I had so much fun dancing the night away with friends!

After work I met my mom up at Whole Foods for lunch and their beer tasting event. Instead of the tasting I went for a pint of Rhinegeist Blanc--and yes just for this awesome, free with purchase Dayton glass.

Saturday night was date night at a favorite, BD's Mongolian Grill. Corey opted for some seafood in his stir-fry and got a little more than he bargained for. I love fried calamari but this little octopus is a bit much for me!

As I now sit here at the computer,  I'm gearing up for the week ahead. I've still got plenty of summer to embrace but I'm starting to get back-to-school anxiety and feel the need to do some major classroom work this week. Wish me luck as I start to prepare!

July 22, 2015

German Village Neighborhood of Columbus

Today I feel like new woman! My curly and sometimes unruly tresses are a pretty dominant feature and one that I'm proud of. I love my hair (I haven't always) and enjoy a little friendly envy from friends and strangers in awe over the kinky mop. I love my hair so much that after a few bad hair salon experiences I now trust NO ONE to cut my precious curls. That is until I met Darren...

Wednesday afternoon I made a hair appointment with my friend Natalie's stylist that she's been seeing for 10 years. She has followed him around to every salon he's ever worked in so he must be good, right?! 

Darren's business, Headmaster Professional Hair Designers (Facebook), is now in German Village in Columbus and because I trust my best friend I paid him a visit for a much needed haircut. 

He worked my hair like magic and I can honestly say it was hands down the best hair cutting experience that I've ever had. He will be well worth my drive from Dayton to get my haircut right.

Before heading off to visit Darren, Natalie and I had lunch at The Old Mohawk and spent some time wandering around the brick paved streets of the historic German neighborhood.

The sweet potato tots are a must! For entrees I went with a non-traditional pulled pork quesadilla and Natalie had a delicious B.E.L.T. sandwich.

Some other GV highlights that we visited were: 
  • Pistacia Vera--get an almond croissant!
  • Schmidt's Fudge House--I skipped over the handmade chocolates because well-Esther Price. But they carry a few imported German candy brands and I walked away with a bar of my favorite chocolate which I discovered in Austria last summer. 
  • Jeni's Ice Cream--they have a cute little window next to The Brown Bag Delicatessen (another recommended place to eat)

June 5, 2015

Summer Vacation

Well May came and went pretty quickly...nonexistent here on the blog. School is over for the summer and I'm taking part in some much needed relaxation. I'll be honest and let you know that relaxation has been just plain lazy. But hey, that's what summer is for!

I have managed to peel myself away from Netflix long enough to do a few fun things so far. My mom and I drove to Michigan to visit with my cousin and her family for a few days. It involved doughnuts, serious laughter, wine tasting, and many snaps of this cutie patootie.

The best part of summer is just being able to make plans to have no plans with friends. After a couple of unusually chilly days my friend, her daughter, and I flounced about in the sunshine dipping our toes in icy fountain water.

It's garage sale season which brings out the giddy bargain hunter in me. We popped by a few sales and then headed by the market to grab lunch (My favorite summer spot!)

Now I'm off to continue my summer daze by indulging in National Doughnut Day! Where is your favorite doughnut shop?


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