April 14, 2014


Wow, today didn't feel like the usual dreaded Monday at all. I think it's in part due to the fact that we had a mixed up schedule at school today. As much as those days interrupt prime teaching time, I secretly love a wacky schedule here and there because it breaks up the monotony of our typical day, 

"Now it's time for fluency folders because it's 11:53 and that's what we do every day at 11:53..."  

I'm approaching the home stretch of the school year in my first year as a 1st grade teacher. This year has been a roller coaster of hills, drops and loops upside down and inside out! I'm sure at the end of the year when it's all said and done for real I'll have a proper reflection, but today as I was watching my kids rehearse their first ever school concert, I couldn't help feeling so proud about the young people they are. I kept thinking, "I helped mold that child into who they are, what they know, how they think, and the kind of person they are today as a 7 year old.

They seemed so old all of a sudden standing on that stage. Those chickadees don't even know how wise they are and all that they teach me and help me see every day. The lessons I get from these kids that remind me of what life is truly all about are mind blowing sometimes. 
note left on my desk by a student after she got to have lunch with me and a friend
Yes, sometimes their energy leaves me drinking the hard stuff...
...so that I can keep up with them right off the bat, early in the morning, but I love each of them for all of their individual pizazz they bring into our room.

So here's to keeping my mind on the small yet important things and really making the most of these last few weeks with my firstie nuggets. The last day of school is going to be tough!

April 10, 2014

Staying Alive

It's almost Friday! This week has actually gone fairly quickly for me. I had my final evaluation of the school year on Tuesday which of course set the stress meter at an all time high. The whole process went very well and I'm very, very thankful that it is all over with.

I owe my ability to make it out of this week alive to the following few things..

Fresh flowers in my bedroom which have surprisingly also made it out alive this week. They're not even wilting yet!

This incredible gyro 'salad' from Azra's. I could stuff my face with Mediterranean food all day, 'er day.

My new lineup of spring scented candles. The Provence collection at Bath & Body works is truly spirit uplifting material. 

More Mediterranean flavahs. I had this sandwich...ahem...2 days in a row. Shh. 

 Buying a new "There was an Old Lady" book which my school babies adore!

FRO-YO!!!!! I totally forget what I had now, but there were 2 flavors and they were awesome. 

Taco night with mom's homemade salsa and guac. Oh. Em. Gee.

Seeing the fantastical, Memphis at the Schuster center with my mom. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I'm currently working on memorizing the soundtrack so I can belt like a broadway star to and from work.

And now I'm ready for sleep (yes, at 6:15) and for Friday to get here so I can say, "We have 6 weeks, 31 days to be exact, of school left!

What's been the highlight of your week?

April 4, 2014

March Favorites

Coming at you a few days late, but here they are---some things I've been a big fan of this past month.

This little buddy is going to be my traveling life saver. I like to photo dump on trips rather than wait until the end to unload memory cards. I thought I'd never want to part ways with my MacBook Pro, but lately I've loved traveling with only my tablet. This card reader is small so it's easy to carry and it's simple to use; just plug it in and tap.

I was in Sephora earlier this month with hopes of buying the new Tory Burch fragrance. Luckily I tested it out because it did not react well with my natural body scent. I was disappointed since it smelled so good on it's own, but I more than made up for it with Victor & Rolf. A sweet yet bold floral, this perfume will have you smelling as sweet as candy. I absolutely love it! 

Now that Spring is finally here in all of it's rainy glory I've been dry and happy to break out one of my Christmas presents. An umbrella is an umbrella, but some Lilly always brightens the gloomiest of days for me!  

This label on food products has been one of the many educational resources I've grown to love in the fight against GMOs in the United States. I'll spare you my soapbox about chemicals in our food and the scary things the FDA turns a blind eye to, but if you want to learn more about GMOs and get involved check this site out.  

And that's all for this month! I hope Spring has sprung where you are! It's rainy here, but I'm loving the above freezing temps.

Past Favorite


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