December 20, 2014

Christmas City Swap

I am finally on Christmas break from work! I had a nice sleep in this morning and I can't wait to really focus on Christmas and spending quality time with friends and family.

I love giving gifts and often buy friends gifts just because. This year I decided to extend my giving and participate in a Christmas city swap. The swap is hosted by Be Up & Doing and is meant to send a little local holiday cheer to people all across the US.

I was matched with a girl in Oakland, California and just dropped my packed in the mail with some Dayton goodies tucked in.

I went for the ever classic Esther Price solid chocolate santa and then popped in to Living Simply Soap's shop in Tipp City and picked out a bubble cup santa, a bar of clove and aloe soap, and a wooden soap dish.

If you're a Daytonian and you've never been to visit Living Simply Soap, you need to go! It has the essence of a homier LUSH and is the perfect place to pick up a gift or shop for yourself.

Everything is homemade with the best ingredients for maintaining healthy skin. Upon walking in you're greeted with the most inviting of scents. Seriously, the scents are incredible! I think I walked back to the jars of bath bombs to sniff 'em about 5 times while shopping.

They also have a killer kids section complete with mini bath bombs and fun bubble bath scents like monkey farts which is an adorable yellow bubble bath scented like bananas.

I also received my swap gift in the mail today from Colorado! It's funny how small the world can feel sometimes as the girl who sent me a gift was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio!

I was sent some local coffee that I cannot wait to pour a cup of, a mini wood wick candle and matches, chapstick, and a cute handmade postcard from The gift is so lovely and it's fun to connect with people from across the country.

I hope that in the spirit of gift giving you think about how random acts of kindness can truly make someone's day! I love to see smiles of surprise open up across people's faces from kind acts big and small. Now go spread some Christmas cheer!

December 16, 2014

Christmas Hiatus

Well blogmas took about a week long hiatus--whoops! You can blame the state for that though because along with the typical 9-5 I have been up to my ears in RESA paperwork which is Ohio, state mandated busy work for new teachers. But I'm finally done with the first task! Good riddance.

Now I've got 3 more busy days to celebrate Christmas with my little elves at school!

I still have gifts to make, students' gifts to assemble, activity packets for winter break, a classroom party, end of the quarter grades and assessments...the list is never ending! But I'm not complaining! Oh no, this week is fun and with the state off of my back I can thoroughly enjoy it.

We've been doing Christmas around the world using this adorable scrapbook! The kids are in love! I play a little jazzy jingle bells transition song when it's time to board 'Christmas Airlines'. They grin and pull out their scrapbooks all while bopping to the music...

oh all right, I'll show you a bit of my cheesy first grader teacher side...but just remember--it's for the kids! ;)

Tomorrow we're making our ornaments for parent gifts using my idea from last year because it's just so stinkin' cute!

I canNOT wait until Christmas break, even though it warms my heart when my kids tell me how much they'll miss me.

Don't worry won't. You'll have new toys to play with! 

It feels good to pop in and say hello, internet! I'm back up and running.

December 8, 2014

A Weekend of Work and Play

This weekend was a good mix of work and play so let's get on with it shall we.

Saturday morning I set myself up a breakfast of pumpkin spice oatmeal with a peppermint mocha of sorts on the side.

I made my drink with Frango peppermint cocoa mixed in with my coffee. It was good, but I think I'm more of a drink it up straight, black coffee in the morning kind of girl.

I then hunkered down with my laptop and Christmas movies and planned my upcoming Christmas Around the World unit for school. Let's just say we are going to have so much fun in 1st grade over the next two weeks!

Franklin wanted to help but just couldn't bring himself to leave the cozy blankets...

I managed to peel myself out of my pajamas for the evening and Corey took me out to the Oregon District for my birthday dinner. Unfortunately the restaurant I wanted to try, Roost Modern Italian, works unspokenly on reservations only because we arrived at about 6:45 and they were booked until 9:45. 

Growling bellies easily made up our decision to try them out another night and walked over to a classic favorite, Dublin Pub.

The pub is always inviting and envelops its customers into a warm and cozy dining experience. We sat down and quickly ordered drinks. For the meal he ordered up a steak and my chilled to the bone self went for some comfort food, shepherd's pie--both with salads to start.

We chatted and watched a local band set up on stage praying our close proximity wouldn't be too loud for us old people. 

Lucky for us they didn't play until after we had left and we enjoyed having dinner while being able to hear each other talk.

Everything we ate was so good! My pie steamed as I cracked through the parmesan bread crumb topping and into the perfectly seasoned meat and vegetables. I loaded each spoonful up with one part meat and veggies and the other part mash. Corey's steak was deliciously juicy--and I know because I snuck one or two bites.

We don't normally do dessert while eating out but it was a birthday celebration so we went for the velvet cinnamon ice cream and bread pudding.

Both were amazing but feeling stuffed, I we finished off the ice cream and took the pudding to go.

Back home we jumped into our comfy clothes and watched the blowout Big 10 championship game. The Buckeyes were on fire and that has my newsfeed and all of Ohio on a high right now.

Back to reality though this Monday morning--my stress level is the only thing on a high! Have a great day everyone. 


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